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Cookie Swap: Jam Thumbprint Cookies

The annual NEO Christmas Cookie swap is back! Lamia and I are so excited because it’s an excuse to bake. And the boy is happy because he willingly plays the part of the taste-tester. I’m starting this year’s swamp with a cookie my mother has been making for a long as I can remember.

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And We’re Back!

It’s been a minute since you guys have heard from me, sorry about that. Life happened in a very big way. Lots of changes, some of which you’ll see here on the blog. Others I will keep a bit closer to the vest, but I’m sure you will figure it out…moving on.
One of the most exciting changes is an addition to the NEO family.

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Home Sweet Home: Coffee Nook

Don’t laugh, but I have always wanted a designated coffee station. Silly…maybe. Basic…extremely. But we have one, it’s functional, and I love it. Eventually we’d like to turn this nook into something more permanent with cabinets, a countertop, wine fridge, etc. It’ll be our booze and coffee corner.

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Cookie Swap: Sugar Cookies

Last year I worked up a batch of Gingerbread cookies to test my patience, and my ability to work royal icing. Truth, I failed on attempts 1-5. A week after I made those cookies I tried to give it one more try with the royal icing and I finally got it. The cookies in the photo were so many kinds of stale, but they looked great, and tasted great when they were fresh.