My name is Shannon, I’m 30-something years happy with a passion for all things style, beauty, food, travel and other musings.

In my big-girl job, I work in TV Production. In a fairly male-dominated industry I found it all too easy to dress in whatever was clean, easy to throw on, and made me seem as laid back as the dudes I worked with. Somewhere on my professional journey I realized I enjoyed putting effort in my style and beauty routine. Eventually people started asking for my advice and opinions about such things. From there, Not Entirely Ordinary was born.

With my love for fashion and makeup, and a lust for pretty pictures, I decided to put some words together with my pictures and leap into the deep blue abyss that is the internet.

This is a blog of my own thoughts, ideas, advice and whatever I feel like writing. If you like what you read, subscribe and hang out with me in this exciting and deceptively nerve-wracking slice of the world wide web.


Hello there! My name is Lamia and yes, I’m aware that it’s a challenge to pronounce. My good friend, Shannon, has graciously allowed me to hop onto her already established blog to live out my blogger dreams! I consider myself a lover of all things beauty and my goal is to contribute to that region of this blog. Among other things, like food and travel, because how can we NOT talk about that.

I’m originally from San Diego, CA and moved up to Long Beach to attend Cal State University, Long Beach. From there, I finished my undergrad with a degree in Vocal Performance and continued my love of singing opera. It was singing that brought Shannon and I together, when we met in the Long Beach Camerata Singers last year. And now, she isn’t getting rid of me anytime soon!

My goal in contributing to the blog is to access my creativity, share some of my insights and thoughts, and hopefully inspire others to try new things. Or at the very least, share in a good laugh! Along the way, I hope to share more about myself, and the things I love, and maybe you can share a little with me.