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Stupid time zones…

So we were planning to sleep in (wake at 5 instead of 4) this morning, but my stupid phone decided it didn’t like the time zone we were supposed to be in so it picked it’s own. Here I am thinking we’ve gotten an extra hour, but nope…it’s 4:30am right now.
So yesterday was New Mexico and part of Arizona. I was bound and determined to see White Sands.

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Texas…part 2

Day 5

July 12

Remember how I said the drive from New Orleans to Austin was a long drive, yeah…I was wrong. Austin to El Paso…12 hours.

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The Soul of the South

July 9th

Day 3

On today’s travel dockett…NEW ORLEANS!!!

It was absurdly early when we woke up.  No One should have to get up at 4am while on “vacation” but we did.

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July 8th
Day 2
Saying goodbye to family and friends that you’ve known FOREVER…not an easy thing to do.

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California here we come…

July 7th

The U HAUL is packed…thank you Jim, and we’re on the road. I’m not gonna lie, I’m incredibly amazed we actually pulled away from our apartment (well, former apartment) on time.