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And We’re Back!

It’s been a minute since you guys have heard from me, sorry about that. Life happened in a very big way. Lots of changes, some of which you’ll see here on the blog. Others I will keep a bit closer to the vest, but I’m sure you will figure it out…moving on.
One of the most exciting changes is an addition to the NEO family.

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A Year in Review

–We bought a house! If there’s one thing that gives you a violent shove into adulthood, it’s definitely buying a house. If you would have asked me this time last year if I ever thought we would do something like that I would have laughed in your face, and then quickly apologized for being so rude. But seriously, we bought a house.

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Jennie’s Table

As I’ve mentioned before, hubs and I will be cruising to Mexico for Thanksgiving this year. Since we won’t be able to set up our own Thanksgiving table, I turned to one of my friends who kills it in the Table Decor department. Jennie hosts quite a large Thanksgiving celebration every year.

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Let’s Chat

The hubs and I went on a short little weekend getaway to Pimso Beach. We needed some time to reconnect with each other and disconnect from everything else.  That includes my endless photography to get the “perfect blog photos.” Aside from the random phone pic, there wasn’t much photo documentation of our weekend. Just memories made, which is how it was supposed to be.