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Home Sweet Home: Coffee Nook

Don’t laugh, but I have always wanted a designated coffee station. Silly…maybe. Basic…extremely. But we have one, it’s functional, and I love it. Eventually we’d like to turn this nook into something more permanent with cabinets, a countertop, wine fridge, etc. It’ll be our booze and coffee corner.

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Home Sweet Home: Fall Decor

I really love getting into the different seasons and holidays. While I may get really, incredibly into Christmas (cause who doesn’t), I also love the small touches of fall we spread throughout the house starting mid-September in an attempt to really get into the changing seasons, even if it’s forced because it’s hot as balls outside.

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Home Sweet Home: Office tour

Our office isn’t a very big one. It also serves as our guest room and even my closet (that will be a whole different post)…a multipurpose room of sorts. It’s tiny but incredibly functional. It took some time to configure the room to make our furniture fit but we managed to get it all in there, with a little (read: very little) room to spare.

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Home Sweet Home: Lessons Learned

photo via pinterest
We’re all moved into the house now. I spent two uninterrupted days unpacking everything. The hubs was away on a work trip so I took that opportunity to unpack like a fiend. We moved Friday, I was out of boxes Saturday, and by Sunday evening I was kicked back and relaxing. This is the first move I’ve ever done, nor will it be the last, I’m sure.