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Let’s Chat 3

January is the month of birthdays for me. The hubs birthday is next week (as well as four other people I know) but we are delaying celebrating until the end of the month when we fly south for the winter. Specifically we’re going back to Cabo because we just loved it so much the last time we were there. We’re opting for an All-Inclusive situation at the Hyatt Ziva Resort.

Life, Other Musings

A Year in Review

–We bought a house! If there’s one thing that gives you a violent shove into adulthood, it’s definitely buying a house. If you would have asked me this time last year if I ever thought we would do something like that I would have laughed in your face, and then quickly apologized for being so rude. But seriously, we bought a house.

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Jennie’s Table

As I’ve mentioned before, hubs and I will be cruising to Mexico for Thanksgiving this year. Since we won’t be able to set up our own Thanksgiving table, I turned to one of my friends who kills it in the Table Decor department. Jennie hosts quite a large Thanksgiving celebration every year.