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August Favorites

I’m trying to avoid using terms like “Fall Transition” because I’m afraid the Pumpkin Spice Troll will find me and attack with all the PSLs Starbucks can make. That said, I’m really loving this rosey-mauvey (totally a word) polish color from OPI. It’s call Yucatan If You Want. Seriously, this color is the best.

Beauty, Life, Other Musings, Product Reviews

May Favorites

This month’s favorites might feel all over the place but it makes sense in  my  head.

Hubs made a comment about this perfume saying that it smells like summer which is perfect because…summer here we come. It’s very floral and makes me feel all grown up, which is appropriate for a woman who will be 33 next week.

Beauty, Life, Other Musings, Product Reviews

March Favorites

My favorites for the month of March were pretty much all in the beauty range this time. Normally I try to mix it up, but sometimes, you can’t help what you love.  Let’s get right into it.

If you noticed a color change in my hair between my Everyday Makeup post and my Eyeliner 101 post, good eye! I went back to a darker shade that I prefer.