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Desi x Katy Collab with Dose of Colors


I don’t know about you but when I hear that phrase, I know the product must be good! At the very least, it has garnered some noticeable attention. Case in point, the Desi x Katy collaboration with noteworthy brand, Dose of Colors. First of all, if you don’t know Desi Perkins or Katy DeGroot, you’re definitely missing out! These beauty influencers’ names and talents have gained some serious notoriety within the beauty community. Heck, between them they have over 5 million followers on Instagram, so they must be doing something right! Personally, I’ve been a fan of this ‘best friend duo’ for quite some time now and I can’t get enough of them. So, when they announced that after two years of hard work they were releasing a full collaboration with their favorite brand, Dose of Colors, I was #shook just like everyone else!

Let’s dive into this FABULOUS collection, shall we?

The complete collaboration includes the following:

The Girls ­– eyeshadow quad

Mírame – rose gold highlighter

Fuego – champagne gold highlighter

No Shade – peachy nude lipstick

More Creamer Please – brown/peach tone nude lipstick

Over the Top – clear gloss with gold flecks

Hot Fire – orange red liquid lipstick

Saváge – black based/oxblood burgundy liquid lipstick

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the friggin’ sexy packaging?! They really appealed to the inner glam diva, drag queen in all of us when they created this. I’m obsessed with gold, but I mean who isn’t, and these tones, that sparkle?? Be still my heart <3!

Clockwise: Suz (champagne gold), Noli (bronze), Harpoon (green with golden undertones), and Turbosan (purple with blueish undertones)

First up, we have The Girls palette. You guys, these colors! Gorgeous! Named after their beloved fur babies, this palette can’t help but being the most glam thing in your makeup bag.

When reading the description included in the package, they recommend using your finger to apply these shadows, while Suz and Harpoon are best applied with a bit of water.

Note – Using a little water will help to ward off fallout from these shades.

Personally, my favorite shade is Turbosan. Both Desi & Katy expressed in their video revealing the collaboration, that they wanted to provide eyeshadows that could stand alone and be sexy. And this shade, is SEXY! Turbosan is universally flattering with beautiful reflects in it.

Next up, one of the two highlights in the collection, Mírame. This rose gold shade is also universally flattering but really pops against medium/tan/darker skin tones. There are a ton of highlighters on the market these days, as everyone wants to get their glow on, but this formula applies and lays on the skin beautifully. There is no chunky glitter, so it gives a natural sheen and it’s smooth and buttery to the touch, so it blends nicely. These Dose of Colors highlighters really achieve that ‘wet look,’ which is an Instagram staple in 2017.

Lastly for my purchase, is the nude lipstick, No Shade. Of the two nudes in the collection, this is the lighter one. I chose it because a girl already has a million brown-toned nude lipsticks, so I thought I’d change it up and get the peachy nude one instead. I will admit it’s a bit light on me, particularly after getting my summer tan on, but it works nicely with a dark liner, as well as atop a darker lippie, if I want to tone down a shade. These lipsticks are more on the matte side and can be a bit dry on their own. However, paired with another lip product, they feel just fine. I love the soft touch matte, blush colored component of the lipsticks! They are so sleek and glamorous. Notice both of the influencer’s signatures engraved on the tub? Love that detail!

To see some of these products in action, I highly recommend checking out both Katy & Desi’s YouTube videos using their products.

All in all, this collection is stunning! If any of their products look appealing to you – c’mon, you know you love it – then I HIGHLY suggest scooping it up! The next re-stock is this Sunday, September 24 at 6pm PST at the Dose of Colors website, so don’t sleep on this chance! Your future glam self won’t be sorry 😉

**Dose of Colors website notes that all these products are vegan, cruelty free, gluten free, and talc free.**