Food, Home Chef

My husband the chef.

I’ve been sitting on a list of different topics to blog about for weeks.  My inbox is peppered with emails with subject lines that read “blog idea.”  They range everywhere from “Things I’ve heard at work today” to “Growing up Southern.” That one is gonna come, I’m working on that.

Tonight I’m struck by my husband’s culinary stroke of genius.  We sat down to munch on some yummy low carb pizza (low carb because the crust is made from two whole wheat tortillas stacked and crisped in the oven), I had cheese, Husband had cheese, pepperoni and an obscene amount of garlic. Tonight was night two of watching our favorite movie ever, Julie & Julia. Pizza was devoured in record time…something that must be done when we don’t have the heart to put the dog in the bedroom while we eat. If food isn’t consumed in a timely manner, it becomes a feast for Wylie. Don’t even think about turning your back on your plate…child’s play for our pup.

After we ate, I proclaimed my need for something sweet. We managed to plow through our chocolate covered almonds within 24 hours of bringing them home from Trader Joes on Saturday. If not that, we munch on chocolate chips for something sweet without all the calories or dirty dishes. This time, we had neither.  Apparently Husband’s sweet tooth was singing as well. He hopped up and dove into our fridge to concoct one of the most delicious ice cream bowls that Ben and Jerry would be proud to put in a carton and slap a weird name on the front.

Not two minutes after husband sprang into action, he came back to the couch (a dinner table doesn’t exist in our apartment, if it did, it’d serve it’s time as yet another catch-all) with the following piece of Heaven:

Vanilla Ice Cream
Chocolate Sauce
Peanut Butter
Whipped Cream

I know what you’re thinking…YUM!  And you’d be right. If I were to name it, it’d be called…Dream in a Bowl. I’d share a pic, but we were greedy and it was melting.

If you’re not already drooling, you should be.  Yet another reason why I have the best Husband ever!

Bon Appetit!!!