Just when you thought the world was safe, this happens.

So my dear friend Katie sent me a link to this atrocious, uh, I mean awesome item. She thought I’d laugh at it.  She was right, I did, but that still doesn’t mean it’s not absolutely ridiculous, I mean righteous.

I present to you the Booty Pop Panties.

All together now…”FINALLY!!!”

Yes, I know…exciting, now we can all have that J-Lo tush we all dreamed of.  Now we can all sing about our lovely lady lump and actually be telling the fabricated, double-padding-in-our-panties, truth.

Had I possessed these beauties for my wedding, I wouldn’t have had to have my sister/matron-of-honor stick double-sided tape to my rear just to keep my pretty underthings from sliding.  Truth.

Once again world, you rule.